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The Product

What is Key?

Key Learning is an SMS-based reskilling platform created for refugees.

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Why use Key?

Our Train-and-Place Approach


We reskill our users based on job shortages in the market and then connect them with those opportunities putting them in the best possible position to get hired.

After finishing our courses, you're not left hanging!



We aim to fit into your already busy schedule. Schedule your lesson to be sent directly to your phone at any time of day. Our byte-sized modules and to-the-point instruction allow you to learn information quickly and efficiently whenever you have spare time.

What does a course look like?

Example Course: Customer Service 101

The Content

This is a 4-hour beginners course on working in the customer service industry taught by an incredible, charismatic Customer Service coach from the Philippines. She walks through the ins-and-outs of customer service providing lots of insider tips along the way.

The Project

At the end of the course, users participate in an online customer service simulation that allows them to put their learning into action.

The Next Steps

After the simulation, user’s get access to a list of next steps curated by the Key team with additional certification they can pursue, a text blurb they can add to their resume describing the course, jobs they can now apply for, etc..


Our courses provide the full-circle learning experience from learning to practicing to applying.

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