The Product

What is Key?

Key Learning is an offline ed-tech app that uses byte-sized videos to teach in-demand vocational skills to refugee students.

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What Skills Do We Teach?

 We teach skills relevant to our user’s current & future needs.

Skills relevant to the refugee camp’s informal economy



Basic salon skills that can be utilized in the camp’s pop-up barber shops.

Skills related to job needs in future asylum countries like Germany, France, and the UK where refugees will eventually resettle



The fundamentals of starting your own restaurant--a popular future job of resettled refugees

Using Key is as easy as 1-2-3-4

Why Key Learning?

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Offline Accessible

After the one time download of the Key app, our users can watch our courses anywhere, anytime.

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Vocational Skills

We cover skills that are directly related to job-needs in the camp and in major European countries. 

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Active Learning

Our project component & optional materials kit add-on allows students to apply the skill right after completing the course!

Step 1

Select a course you are interested in