Our Pricing Model

Key is a subscription-based service that provides our customers with accessible, relevant courses for their students.

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What's Included

Access to Vocational Courses

Country-Specific Modules

Self-Assessments & Guided


Active Learning via Materials


Track Learner Course Progress

What We Can Do for NGOs

Key can provide relevant, accessible courses that expand upon your existing in-person classes, providing your students with additional ways to develop their professional skills and work towards their resettlement goals. Our courses are priced taking into account NGO budgets, so that learning is accessible for anyone.

What We Can Do for Governments

Key can empower newly resettled refugees to be an active participant in their own integration process. They can grow their skills professionally utilizing our country-specific courses. This enables them to more quickly contribute to the job market, rather than relying on in-person government programs with long wait lists. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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