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Donate content, or funding.
Don't fit into these categories? Email us at
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We are seeking $1,000 to cover translation costs for our LA-based pilot program this summer. We are seeking $2,000 to pay for our legal fees to become a certified CA C-corporation.

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We are seeking passionate people with a relevant specialization to become course creators on our platform.

Video creation experience is not required, but it is a plus. We’ll be learning with you :)

Why Become a Key Creator

1) Have a content sample that can be used to become a creator for other platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc.

2) Advertise your business to Key users

3) Give back to the refugee community

4) Add the "Key Creator" position to your Linkedin

5) Make supplementary income outside of your day-to-day job with opportunities for additional compensation in the future

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