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An Overview of the Traditional Application Process

Estimated Time to Completion: 

1.5 hours

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What is a recruiter?

A recruiter is an individual who works to fill job openings in business or organizations. Their sole job is to work with qualified candidates and get them hired.

  1. If you want to get hired, make a good impression on the recruiter.

  2. Insider Tip: If you want to find who the recruiter is, type in “Recruiter for SpaceX LA (<or other company name>) in Linkedin or email the company’s general contact email.

General Application Process

  1. Find the job you want to apply for

  2. Tailor your resume to that company

  3. Submit your resume

  4. Wait to hear back (1-2 weeks)

  5. Follow up with the recruiter with a personalized email further expressing your interest in the job

  6. Wait to hear back (1-2 weeks)

  7. If accepted, you will receive an invitation to the next round--the interview

  8. If you do well in the interview, you will receive the offer

  9. You can choose to accept, negotiate or decline your offer

Note: Not all companies send out rejection emails, so if you have not heard back from a company after 1 month, it is best to just move on. Key Learning’s founder Anya, applied to 50+ companies for a summer internship, and only got emails back from 8.


Use Linkedin to find the name and email of the recruiter at 5 of the companies you are interested in working for.


In the next lesson, we will be covering the notorious resume and CV. What is the difference between the two? What do employers prefer? What should you put in your resume? We’ll cover all that and more.

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