How to Find a Job (The Traditional Way)

Estimated Time to Completion: 

2 hours

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The most traditional way to find a job is to search general job boards. These job boards have thousands of job postings that are easily searchable by location, salary, role, etc.. However, because they are so widely available, they also receive thousands of applicants that can make it difficult to stand out.

Open-Access Job Search Platforms

  1. Indeed

  2. Linkedin Jobs

  3. Glassdoor

  4. Ziprecruiter

Specialized Job Search Platforms

  1. AngelList (work for startups)

  2. Behance (for Design and Web professionals)

  3. Idealist (for nonprofit/charity work)

  4. Lawjobs (top job search sites for legal professionals)

  5. Mediabistro (journalists, advertising, PR, etc.)

  6. We Work Remotely (remote work)

Freelance Temporary Job Work

  1. Upwork

  2. Fiverr

Paid Access Job Search Platforms

  1. FlexJobs (remote jobs)

  2. The Ladders (for experienced managers)

Need to create an account to access any of the platforms listed above.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • 80% of open jobs in the USA are never posted on job boards.

  • In this era of globalization, many companies think that international staff are cricial. If the company has a subsidiary or an office in your home country, much different from the culture of the United States, the company needs someone who can manage with people in your culture, and they need you.

  • Don’t be discouraged! Key’s co-founder Anya applied to almost 50 jobs before getting her employment offer. She had a spreadsheet to keep track of all the companies she applied to and their respective deadlines

  • See this website to find instructions on creating your own application tracking spreadsheet

See the next lesson on non-traditional ways to find work that might give you a higher success rate than a job board!


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Create a list of 25 jobs that you are interested in applying for. Use at least 3-4 different search engines in order to have some variety.


In the next lesson, you’ll be learning about the non-traditional ways to find jobs. This, in reality, is how most jobs are secured due to the highly competitive nature of the job market. We will be breaking down cold-emailing, coffee chats, and providing a list of refugee-friendly companies that might be a good place to start your search.