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Negotiating Your Offer

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Negotiating an offer may feel uncomfortable, but it is actually becoming increasingly common, and companies have now begun to expect it.

Salaries aren’t the only thing that is negotiable. You can also negotiate any of these things:

What to Negotiate?

If you are negotiating on salary it is best to research salary ranges:

  • Salaries of similar roles at similar companies

  • Salaries of those in a similar role at your company

The Timing

Do not ask for more money before you receive the offer--this can reflect negatively on you. The salary is usually revealed after the offer has been extended, so make sure to wait till then.

Once You Get the Offer

  1. Prioritize your list of negotiable items and write down what is acceptable and what would not be acceptable.

  2. When you meet to discuss the offer, remember to show your interest and enthusiasm. If you don’t seem like you want the job, the employer is less likely to be interested in you.

  3. For example, if asking for a higher salary, form your question like: “Based on my specific skills in [state technical skills], I was expecting a higher starting salary. What can we do to increase this number?”

  4. Keep quiet and always wait for an answer. There’s an old saying, she who talks first loses. When you propose your salary number or your item to negotiate and your desired terms, do not talk. Wait for the response.

  5. Focus on what’s in it for them. Never make this solely about your needs and wants. Explain how they will benefit from hiring you.



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