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Standing Out

Estimated Time to Completion: 

2 hours

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Businesses receive hundreds to thousands of resumes every week for each open position they have. In order to secure employment it is vital that applicants take every additional measure in order to stand out.

  1. Provide a link to an online portfolio if you are in design or a personal website.

  2. Here are some examples of personal websites of the Key team

  3. Anya --

  4. This is more of a general employment website

  5. Justin --

  6. This website features Justin’s design portfolio

  7. To create a personal website

  8. Use easy-to-use website-making tools like Wix. Wix is completely free!

  9. Customize your resume so it aligns with the job posting. See lesson 14 for more information on this

  10. Get noticed even before you apply. Network with other people who work at that company

  11. Find employees at the company on Linkedin and schedule a coffee chat or zoom call with them to learn more about what they do

  12. To find employees who work at the company you are interested in.

  13. Step 1: Search the company up on Linkedin

  14. Step 2:  Click People

  15. Step 3: Type in your location in the search bar OR Type in refugee to see if anyone might be a former refugee themself or have worked with refugees in the past

  16. Step 4: Click on the relevant profiles of interest

  17. Ask a few of your old colleagues to write a LinkedIn recommendation for you, and be specific. Tell the person precisely what you’d love them to write about and offer specific examples. The picture linked here gives an example of a great recommendation.

  18. Apply on Monday. A new study by, a job search site, finds that applicants were most likely to advance in the hiring process—as in, to be called in for an interview—if they sent in their resume on a Monday, as opposed to any other day.

  19. Make a good impression on everyone you come into contact with on the day of the interview. For example--the receptionist at the company. Some companies specifically ask their front desk attendants to report back on the demeanor of interviewees who come through the door.

  20. Introduce yourself by making eye contact, smiling, stating your first and last name, and giving a firm but brief handshake. Then, listen for the other person’s name. Acknowledge them by name throughout the interview. Most applicants forget the name of their interviewer, so this is a great way to stand out!



Get at least 1-2 of your former colleagues to write you a Linkedin recommendation.


In the next lesson, we will be covering how to best prepare for an interview so you get that dream job offer! Let’s get you prepped.

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