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Tailoring Your Resume

Estimated Time to Completion: 

4 hours

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Your resume is arguably one of the most important parts of your job application. However, turning in the same resume to every company you apply for is not necessarily a good idea. Recruiters receive an average of 250 applications for every position they have available.

What Does Tailoring You Resume Mean?

It means utilizing key words in your resume that match the job description exactly! That way when the ATS system or a human scans your resume, they are more likely to waive you because they see all the keywords they are looking for.

What are keywords?

Keywords are words that represent specific requirements for the role you are interested in. Read through the job description and highlight or note the words used to describe the skills or talents or qualities they are looking for. Use those same words when writing out your resume experience. 

Check out this great resource from Natalie, a resume expert at Zety. Full article is linked here. The words in yellow are examples of keywords ("accurate orders," "bilingual", "basic math skills").

Scroll down in the link to the section "How to Match Your Resume to the Job You Want" and take a look at how Cathy created a tailored resume for a Marketing Manager role. She did an excellent job!


Look at the job description of a role you are interested in applying for and highlight at least 10-15 keywords or phrases.


In the next lesson, we will go over some creative ways you can stand out in the application process.

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