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We all have complex stories to tell. Employers are looking to hear your stories because they not only want to have skilled individuals, but they want to hire people they like & want to work with and respect. Authenticity & being genuine go a long way in being trustworthy and hireable.

When thinking about your story, try to outline the 5 most defining characteristics about you. Practice the “I am a…” exercise.

For example, this is how the exercise looked for Key’s co-founder Anya:

  • I am a woman

  • I am a daughter of Indian American immigrants

  • I am an entrepreneur

  • I am a person who believes in human potential

  • I am an introvert

Listing down your 5 defining characteristics will allow you to craft your story effectively to your employer.

Key Tip: Although employers want to get to know you, it is still a professional space so be careful not to “overshare.” Try to keep your story high level and focus on your 5 traits rather than getting into the small details about your past.

Key Tip: Try to end your story on a happy note. You want to leave the employer feeling excited, not sad about your future.

When do I tell my story?

  • During the interview when an employer asks you to “Tell me about yourself”

  • This is the perfect opportunity for you to tell a 1-2 minute story about who you are and what you want to accomplish in life

  • In your Linkedin summary

  • Check out lesson 8 to see some great summaries where people were able to showcase their story succinctly, but in an authentic way

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Practice the “I am a…” exercise. What are your 5 defining characteristics?


In the next lesson, we will be covering cover letters--what they are, how to write them, and key formatting errors applicants commonly make. By the end of the lesson, you will walk away with the perfect cover letter to submit to your next job.