What Type Of Job Do I Want to Do

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4 hours

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The first step in the job search process involves a little bit of self reflection on your end--what job is the best fit for you. The three primary steps we recommend are:

Step 1: Do a self-assessment. Make a list of your values, interests, and professional skills.

You need to focus on what you love to do and the skills you have.

For example, Key Learning’s co-founder Anya is a computer science and business student interested in using technology for social good. She is looking for a career at the intersection of social good, technology, and entrepreneurship. She values companies that create community-based products that help marginalized groups in the US and around the world.

🔑Key Tip: Take an online career assessment test to see what jobs best fit your background.

Here is a free assessment from Truity.

Here is a free assessment from CareerFitter.

Step 2: Assess life needs.

  • Are you the sole provider for your family?

  • What type of benefits would you need in a job?

  • What is your retirement plan?

  • What are your housing and transportation needs?

It might be helpful to google the “average salary” in your state, that way you can see what salary you should aim for given the cost of living in your particular area.

Here is an example for California--the average salaries are listed.

Step 3: Create a list of occupations you want to explore.

In lesson 4, we cover all the different categories of jobs in the US if you are unsure what to do at this step.

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Take at least one career assessment and make a list of 5-7 occupations you would like to explore.


In the next lesson, we will cover all everything you need to know about your legal status as a refugee--we cover all the jobs you are legally allowed to do.