Basic Budgeting with Excel

What is a budget? How do you save money effectively? How much should you save? Get the answers to all these questions and more in this course.

Rea Alcante

Meet Rea Alcante. Rea's journey to creating videos comes from her BPO experience of 7 years. She was a customer service specialist and a subject matter expert/peer coach for a year, then eventually became a lead trainer. In 2016, she started working remotely as a digital content creator/manager and marketer. Alongside that career, she started her YouTube channel ReaNinja.

Let's get started...

What's customer service and customer satisfaction

Goal: Understand the basics of customer service

5 minutes

How to Open a Call Properly

Goal: Learn how to properly open a call--a critical step in making a good impression

5 minutes

How to Ask the Right Questions

Goal: Learn how to use open-ended and closed-ended questions to better assist their customers

10 minutes

How to Use Positive Scripting

Goal: Get used to saying positive power words, phrases, and statements to make your interaction with your customer even better

10 minutes

How to Close a Call Properly

Goal: Learn how to end a call properly regardless of the outcome of the call

5 minutes

Basic Call Flow--Putting it All Together

Goal: Watch Rea demonstrate a basic customer service inquiry call with the opening, resolution, and closing

5 minutes

Now It's Your Turn...

Apply the skills you learned by doing xxxx project.

Looking to work in customer service... 

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